Dunmore Festival of Food


What is not to love about food festivals? They celebrate food and give local businesses a chance to show what culinary delights they have to offer. Food festivals provide an awareness of local produce, which I believe is especially important in today’s economic downturn. 

Food festivals attract all kinds of people with one unanimous thing in common – our love of food, which we are more than delighted to celebrate.

Our appreciation of food could be seen at the Dunmore Festival of Food which took place on the Friday the 21st June to Sunday the 23rd June. My mother, Ben and I ventured to it on the Saturday. The day started off quite downcast, but luckily the weather improved with the sun making a special guest appearance for a few hours. People of all ages could be seen enjoying the festival, especially the food. Rightly so, as Dunmore East is a very successful fishing community. 

As you can imagine the seafood delights of Dunmore were a huge feature of the various menus that were on offer. Refreshing crab wraps, creamy seafood chowders, zingy prawn dishes and paella were widely available, to name a few.

For the more carnivorous , there were plenty of meaty delights on offer, with venison burgers catching my eye. Those with a lovely little sweet tooth were not to be disappointed. This is where my mother and Ben lost me.

There were stalls upon stalls of glamorous little cupcakes, sweet fudge, fluffy crepes, cookies larger than my head and speciality chocolates. I couldn’t resist the daring and unusual flavours of the Cachet chocolate bars. I opted for a pear and almond bar and a lemon and pepper bar, which we were given samples of prior to purchasing. 




We wandered around for a little while longer, all the while enjoying the atmosphere and the sun’s rays. However, when the thundery clouds came out to play, we went into hiding and returned to the car. 

The day had been an excellent one, and the Dunmore Festival of Food no doubt, an utter success. It also gave me the opportunity to bring my camera outdoors and to put it to good use. 

The Dunmore Festival of Food certainly lit the food festival fuse of excitement. I very much look forward to the Harvest Festival which takes place in Waterford from the 9th (my birthday!) -15th September. If you’re local, I hope to see you there. 🙂



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