Skittles Ice-Cream

I don’t think that I’ve ever seen someone adore Skittles as much as Ben. I have to admit, I do have a soft spot for them to. Whenever we just happen to be around town, we visit the Shake Shack – a milkshake shop (definitely not stalking it) in City Square. Our usual order consists of a Ferrero Rocher milkshake and a Skittles milkshake. These guys whip up the best milkshakes in existence. My statement is backed up by the fact that we always have to join a queue to get out hands on some.

We took the initiative of trying to recreate the Skittles milkshake that has its own little place in our hearts. We also experimented by making milkshakes based on many different types of chocolate bars. I have come to the conclusion that nothing beats a Skittles milkshake, although Ferrero Rocher ones are extremely awesome too!

To get to the point, I had purchased an ice-cream maker about a month or two ago and had failed to use it until now. Considering how much Ben loves Skittles and Skittles milkshakes and ice-cream, I thought that I would surprise him with a tub of creamy, home made Skittles ice-cream.

This was the first time that I had attempted to make ice-cream from scratch. The ice-cream maker instilled fear in me at first, which I soon got over. 🙂 The sweet cream base that I used is adapted from the Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Ice Cream & Dessert Book (Pg. 28) – which is practically an ice-cream bible. You can rely on this bad boy for all of your ice-cream needs.

I used Avonmore Dessert Cream because who doesn’t like their ice-cream sweet? It also has a lovely, thick consistency.

I expected the ice-cream to be completely frozen when I removed it from the maker. Instead it was the consistency of ice-cream that you get when you order a 99′, which is great of course. However, if you prefer your ice-cream a lot firmer, simply pop it into a container in the freezer, leaving to freeze until the desired consistency is achieved (I left mine to freeze overnight).

Happy ice-cream making!


Ingredients (Makes 1 quart):

2 free-range eggs

3/4 cup/165g caster sugar

2 cups/480ml dessert/heavy/whipping cream

1 cup/240ml milk

100g Skittles (2 small bags)


In a blender or a mini chopper, blend the skittles and the milk together until completely smooth.

Whisk the eggs in a mixing bowl for approximately 1 to 2 minutes, until light and fluffy.

Whisk in the sugar, a little at a time. Whisk until completely blended, approximately 1 minute.

Add the cream and the milk/Skittles mixture and whisk to blend.

Make the ice-cream according to the ice-cream makers instructions.


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