The Harvest Festival (Waterford)


I caught my annual flu last week, upon returning from holidays. It seems that I might have indulged just a little too much, with my immune system paying the price for my actions. I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to attend the harvest festival. But my immune system prevailed and so Ben and I left to brave the outdoors and the fairly crowded city.

I wrapped myself in Winter woolies and a snuggly coat, in the fear of aggravating my nasty flu. To my misfortune, the sun was splitting the rocks within a half hour of us departing home. I was exceptionally warm, with my woolly jumper drawing in the heat. Yet, despite all of this, the day turned out to be a lovely one.

Upon arriving at the market, one got the feeling that they were in their own rendition of of ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Giant flowers, butterflies, deck chairs and benches. I was like a child in a sweet shop. Or like myself in a sweet shop…….over-excited and amazed by what was before me. I desperately wanted to absorb everything before we left.




Obviously everyone had the same idea, as people queued to have their photo taken on the giant deck chairs. Eventually, Ben and I got to sit on a giant bench, which we were all too enthusiastic for. It was awesome. We were already highly impressed, despite not having strolled around the market. That was still to come.

The market certainly didn’t disappoint. Unfortunately, my camera died within about ten minutes of our arrival, so I don’t have half as many photos as I would like to show you. But what I do possess will have to suffice. Anyway, let us get back to the stalls.

There was food and craft stalls of every description. Hand crafted jewellery, wooden sculptures and woollen hats, to name a few. But naturally, the food stalls were the ones which held my attention.

Delicate marcarons, mini cupcakes, paella, steak and venison burgers, crepes, fudge, chocolate fountains and of course, in true Waterford style, sausage blas.



The aromas wafting from the assortment of stalls made our mouths water. I could constantly smell the peppers from the massive paella pan. The smell of paella, along with the sight of colourful buttercream slathered cupcakes, provided me with a rumbling tum.

Ben and I were honestly both so warm, and in desperate need of food, drinks and cosy shelter, that we headed to our favourite cafe, which is located in the People’s Park. We got out usuals – banoffee pie and a caramel slice. It was the pick-me-up that we needed after visiting the bustling festival. I guess that’s the icing on top of the cake of a food/culture festival.  It does wonders for local businesses. The queue was to the door of the cafe.

The Harvest Festival, on the Saturday that we visited it, was a lovely day out. There was a little something for everyone. I look forward to seeing what the next one has to offer.




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