Refreshing Lemon and Lime Cupcakes

I do not think that I know of anyone who doesn’t enjoy a cupcake. There’s one for everyone, as well as there being one to suit each season. During the harsh Winter months, everyone needs comfort food. Food which provides a shoulder to cry on, the warmth of a good cuddle. For me, this comes […]

Cupcakes For Loved Ones

Nothing brings me greater joy than giving. I could give, give, give all day and night and never tire of it. I love producing smiles from people – is there honestly any greater feeling? I think not. I cannot help myself when it comes to buying people material gifts. I could spend hours seeking the […]

Tangy Lemon Cupcakes

Lemons remind me of Summer. It’s probably the brilliant, vibrant, yellow colour of their zesty skins. I love them and I absolutely love incorporating them into cooking. Lemons are so versatile. They can be the centre of a sweet or savoury dish. They’re just fantastic. Whether they’re used in the making of a lemon cream […]

Double Chocolate Spread Cupcakes

I hadn’t eaten a cupcake that was purely made from chocolate in quite a while. I like to experiment with recipes, but sometimes sticking to what you’re best can be somewhat comforting. What’s even more of a comfort is a batch of cupcakes made with the richest cocoa powder that I could discover, filled with […]

Neenish Cupcakes

I’ve been meaning to make these cupcakes for a very long time, but I’ve simply never got around to making a batch. They were added to the to-do list, but sadly when recipes are added to this list (with great intention of course) they never tend to go anywhere in life. The to-do list has […]

Red Velvet Cupcakes with a Cream Cheese Frosting

I have had the pleasure of a sweet tooth being one of my defining features for as long as I can recall. Numerous times, I have been told that I inherited the wondrous possession from my grandmother (my dad’s mother). Whenever my family and I stayed for dinner in her and my grandfather’s humble abode, […]