Refreshing Lemon and Lime Cupcakes

I do not think that I know of anyone who doesn’t enjoy a cupcake. There’s one for everyone, as well as there being one to suit each season. During the harsh Winter months, everyone needs comfort food. Food which provides a shoulder to cry on, the warmth of a good cuddle. For me, this comes […]

Lemon Meringue Pie

Who doesn’t love lemon meringue pie? It’s zesty, it’s sweet, it’s zingy, it’s wonderful and it’s smile-inducing. And probably diabetes-inducing if you eat more than one slice. Which I did. I ate waaaay more than one slice. But who can blame me? I love meringue, it’s just lovely. It’s so light and fluffy. Lemon curd […]

Tangy Lemon Cupcakes

Lemons remind me of Summer. It’s probably the brilliant, vibrant, yellow colour of their zesty skins. I love them and I absolutely love incorporating them into cooking. Lemons are so versatile. They can be the centre of a sweet or savoury dish. They’re just fantastic. Whether they’re used in the making of a lemon cream […]

Zingy Lemon Slices

There‚Äôs something about lemons that I love. They can be so naturally bitter and eye-watering, yet when used in baking they can turn into something incredibly delicious and mouth-wateringly good. I love zesty fruit, be it lemons, limes or oranges. They make my palette wriggle and smile in delight. Lemons also tend to remind me […]