Sweet Parsnip and Apple Soup

I know, I know. Yet another soup recipe. I just love the stuff! It’s so easy to eat, especially if you don’t feel like having anything too heavy. Not to mention it being extremely healthy and comforting. I make a pot of soup each week, trying to mix things up every time I do. No […]

Flavoursome Courgette and Garlic Soup

Garlic. Garlic. Garlic. Mmmmm. Whenever I’m out and about, wandering around, I can smell it. It’s always there. Whether I pass Ginos, Espresso, La Palma or any eatery, the story is the same. The smell of garlic is wafting like it has never wafted before. I add garlic to all of my dishes. It’s even […]

Mixed Greens Soup

This is not just an ordinary mixed greens soup. This is the most amazing mixed greens soup. Not only does this soup contain a ridiculous amount of flavour – it is also loaded with nutrients that have your immune system’s back, whilst you’re out battling the colder weather. I’m aware that the recipe calls for […]

Creamy Vegan Broccoli and Cauliflower Soup

After the festive season, my immune system has taken a plummet, and I am now smothered with a flu. As is half of my family. So what better way to to boost your immune system, than with a nutrient-packed, vegan, oh-so creamy (yet healthy!)  broccoli and cauliflower soup. Let the creaminess take over! Ingredients: 65g […]