The Best Nectarine Ice-Cream

To me, this ice-cream screams Summer. It is the definition of indulgence on a hot August day which just happen to be in abundance this Summer, to my utter delight. Honestly, hot Summers have been far and few between in Ireland over the past few years. I often find myself diving in front of the […]

Tangy Lemon Cupcakes

Lemons remind me of Summer. It’s probably the brilliant, vibrant, yellow colour of their zesty skins. I love them and I absolutely love incorporating them into cooking. Lemons are so versatile. They can be the centre of a sweet or savoury dish. They’re just fantastic. Whether they’re used in the making of a lemon cream […]

Dunmore Festival of Food

What is not to love about food festivals? They celebrate food and give local businesses a chance to show what culinary delights they have to offer. Food festivals provide an awareness of local produce, which I believe is especially important in today’s economic downturn.  Food festivals attract all kinds of people with one unanimous thing […]

Zingy Lemon Slices

There’s something about lemons that I love. They can be so naturally bitter and eye-watering, yet when used in baking they can turn into something incredibly delicious and mouth-wateringly good. I love zesty fruit, be it lemons, limes or oranges. They make my palette wriggle and smile in delight. Lemons also tend to remind me […]